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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

How does Synthetic Turf hold up in an outdoor environment?
Our turf is assembled using the finest UV treated polypropylene, water-resistant fibers. It carries a 5-year warranty against normal rain, snow, ice, sun, wind and fading.

Is Synthetic Turf maintenance-free?
Our putting surface is “hassle-free”. Once installed, just keep the leaves off the surface – just like you would with a real putting green. We also suggest our annual Spring Tune-up.

Why shouldn’t you install a real grass putting green?
Real grass putting greens are very expensive to install and require expensive daily maintenance. Any golf course superintendent can give you plenty of reasons why you don’t want a real grass green in your yard.

Can a Land Pro putting green be sculptured with breaks and undulations?
Yes. Just like real grass tour greens. Land Pro can design and sculpt the green any way you want.

What size or shape can the putting green be?
Just about any size or shape can be designed and installed to meet your needs.

Can you chip onto your putting green?
Yes, our special spring action fibers and in-fill process makes our surface react and respond like a real bent grass green. You can even make the ball “check-up” and spin back.

Is the turf the same synthetic turf that you see installed on miniature putt-putt courses?
Absolutely not. Miniature golf turf is usually made of nylon and installed as a “glue down” on a cement surface. They putt very fast, and the surface does not last long.

Can anyone install a realistic, beautiful, durable putting green?
No. It took us years of hands-on experience and hundreds of greens to perfect our installation techniques.