Protect Yourself

Protect Yourself From Green Installers Who Over-Represent Their Skill Level

If you are going to have professionals install your green, make sure they are highly experienced. Ask your installer how many greens he has designed and actually put in people’s yards in this area, and how long they have lasted. Does the installer understand the local ground and soil conditions? The climate? Make sure that your installer has installed a minimum of 50 greens in the Northeast.

6 Critical Things To Demand From Anyone Working On Your Property

1. Good communication. Whenever you call Land Pro, your call will be returned within 24 hours. Other companies may take a few days to get back to you, or worse, never return your call at all.

2. Your property will not be damaged. Land Pro places boards in your yard to accommodate heavy equipment. This protects your grass from being damaged.

3. There is one person to coordinate the whole process. One project manager, who is an expert at installing greens and understands your specific situation and needs, should be available at all times. Land Pro will provide a cell phone number so you can talk to your contact whenever you want. You can also call us anytime after your green has been installed, with any questions or problems.

4. The workers are professional in appearance and manner. All Land Pro workers are neat, clean and wear the company shirt for easy I.D. Our trucks and equipment are also kept clean and professional looking. We take pride in the way we look and conduct ourselves.

5. The company should have liability insurance. We live in a litigious society, where lawsuits are all too common. For our mutual protection, Land Pro carries substantial liability insurance.

6. Your property should look better/nicer than when the work started. When Land Pro finishes a job, our staff goes through an extensive cleanup procedure. Our staff must follow this 5-point checklist to ensure that your property is left clean, neat and attractive:

  1. We check that the newly installed green is perfectly clean.
  2. We make sure the surrounding area has been graded, raked and seeded properly.
  3. We clean the access area from the driveway to the green (where the equipment was transported). We remove the boards and fluff up the grass with a blower.
  4. We clean the driveway, walkways, decks, etc.
  5. Finally, we remove all garbage and debris.

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Having a synthetic putting green right in your backyard provides an ideal opportunity to teach your kids the game. It’s also a great way to entertain guests. Be the envy of your neighborhood. Lighting can even be installed, so you can play after dark.

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